I’ve met you before

I’ve met you before

our love was born in a time

things were still fixed
if they broke

but we were born in a time

where you throw things away
if they’re broken

i cant blame you for your…
because you
are use to things being thrown away
when they’re broken

and i cant change the fact
that you
have been broken
like a typewriter that has stuck keys

i gave you oil and honey,
ink when you were
running out

because i believe
in still fixing broken things

so we can raise kids
in a time
you dont throw things away
if they’re broken

By: KD Segura


Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence.

Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence.
while it happened I saw myself…
escaped while trying to change reality
i tried,
i saw myself,
i tried, to be a goddess full of rage
Harsh, and unforgiving, dealer of death
but I saw myself-
lying there soft and motionless
i turned myself to stone.
i didn’t speak for 6 months.
drowned out my thoughts with silence,
abstained from mirrors,
recoiled from touch,
slowly I did not want to return to my body
In the spirit world my feet grew light.
I floated as my hair carried me,
My curves had the power to sink ships.
I learned to love my energy.
My power.
My silence.
like water in my lungs,
I swallowed a sword,
in truth I levitated,
with fire I danced.
I drank the blood-
dawned in white
purity myth-
plugged my menses with pages from the holy bible
bathed in bleach.
when the bleach burnt off my skin
i anointed my self in holy water,
sat naked in a confessional,
beat my own back with whips,
my Curves had the power to sink ships
i wailed as any siren should,
my pelt was taken from me.
at high tide I would make my way to shore,
past the Wreckage-
where I shed seven tears into the sea.
I met my mortal self.
in watery dominion,
I saved my mortal self.
she cried as I brought life back to Her lips,
held Her head as she sipped.
Her tears turned into diamonds,
and She had the ability to make gold out of pain,
Her curves had the power to sink ships.
by:KD Segura

Rainflower Tamyasisa

We have been waiting,

the Inca prophecies say that now is the time.
That when the eagle of the north and the condor of the south fly together,
the Earth will awaken.

We cannot be free without each other.

And we need to be the wind beneath each others wings,
so we can fly and flow where the rivers take us.

Be as unforgiving as the water that sculpted the mountains,
be as gentle as the soft currents
that move the black gold underneath our feet.

We must flow,

Where the sunless rivers weep,

We must flow,

Where the sidewalk ends,

We must flow,

We must flow.

Because we have the power to crumble spirits and erect mills…

Because we have the power to move mountains…

Because we have the power to respect our land…



By:KD Segura


you see someone once told me i was a sucker,

because i fell for every lollipop i was given by a doctor,

innocuously inoculated to produce an immunity,

against consciousness.


i remember that,

i remember me,

before all of this.


a little brown girl going to school,

learning about AmeriKKKa,

spelled with three k’s,

because the system couldn’t care for ya

they never loved us,

ask my brother,

he’s staring down with Jah


He took his life over papers…


tell me- when did a life become illegal,

when did we let our minds become so feeble,

when did your scope become the eye of a needle


open your mind, let yourself feel the pin pricks,

let your heart become a pin cushion,

don’t let them flip you like a trick,

don’t let them call you some mad bitch


because your anger is relevant.


you are relevant and you should be heard,

don’t let people slight you on your diction or your words.

take back your language,

speak- go ahead speak that spanglish,

Sí, se puede! Yes we can!

take back our land


let’s take back our land.


because this land was built on our bodies,

condominiums on top of ancestral graveyards,

mourning the bones underneath our feet,

mourning the bones underneath your feet.


our federal buildings housing the busts of beasts,

treating us like a commodity, like meat.

their hearts are not human, not real, skin deep.


skin deep is how they see us,

entered in a census,



families ripped apart over fences,

kept at bay with guns.


if tears could stun,

if only tears could stun-

we would swim over the rivers of our tears,

dry our backs on our land,

heads held high.
by: KD Segura


for the first time in my life I feel unsettled,
like there is a constant hole within me
I feel tense, anxious, and scared-
like I put to many eggs in my basket.
I think they might spill on the floor,
and I’ll be waiting at your door to pick up the pieces…

for the first time in my life I think that I’m in love,
and it’s fucking scary.
at any moment I could have my soul handed back to me like a carnival goldfish-
‘Here’s your prize.’

for the first time in my life I let her come out completely.
what if you take advantage of the little girl I kept safe for years?
what if she looks at me with sullen eyes one day-
asking why,
‘Why did this happen to me? Why?’

I don’t know why you don’t tell your friends about me,
it cut like a knife when she said,
“I didn’t know you existed.”
I didn’t know you existed.

I didn’t know I was something you were trying to hide,
maybe I’m just another 25 cent carnival ride,
maybe one day you’ll tape me up with paper that says “OUT OF ORDER”
and I’ll be left with all of my tickets and no arcade.

sitting in my tiny house, alone, thinking to myself…what am I going to do with all of these fucking tickets?

Admit One.

by: KD Segura


Among friends I am forlorn in the forests,
traveling for self deprecation.
I rather be the shrinking violet than the mighty mountain-
lost among the stars

We all die alone.

In the wild I find melancholia,
but the despondency leads to more courage.
Courage like the sigh of relief when making eye contact with a grizzly bear,
courage as the huff reverberates my chest cavity and comes out of my eyes.
Strength in the face of pain and grief,
as the grizzly bear plucks itself from my path.

We all die alone.

When a thunderstorm rolls in it cracks with the fury of a Goddess.
Tearing open the sky as it turns red-
dancing for rain

And I know it’s not safe…but
sometimes I wish you could push me in a river
or gaslight my emotions,
so I could feel anything other than this swift desolation.

But I travel for self deprecation.

Dawned in water proof, flame retardant gear,
armed with my consciousness, a saturday night special.
I hike miles to feel something, whether it be pain to weather through,
or the weary reminder that I am alive.

In the back country I find solace in uncertainty,
changing winds, tempestuous energy,
falling rocks, and wayward rivers.
Yet despite my efforts Mother Nature has other plans.

Has she never been a cruel and unforgiving mistress,
feeling alone in the dark,
enduring failure,
furiously spinning a web of paths,
sewing buttons on my eyes.

I am her marionette,
dyed with Indian paintbrush,
surrounded by lodgepole pines.
Encouraging me to escape the trauma,
by dissociating me from reality,
and entering into the wild.


by: KD Segura

Where are you really from?

estoy aquí
i am here

alto en mi torre de marfil
high in my ivory tower

lejos de mis raíces
far from my roots


mis pies en mi tierra
my feet on my land

i visit

“de donde eres?”
where are you from

visito mientras mi gente lloran
i visit meanwhile my people cry

they cry for a promise land, but there is no promise land

in America we eat the quinoa stained with your tears

no hay tierra prometida

lo sé

En La Tierra De Los Libres
In the Land of the Free

you must assimilate or die

diversity is accepted

when you’re tokenized

Panels are filled with our saviors

they know what is best for…

los hijos y hijas de aquellos que querían más
the sons and daughters of those whom wanted more

“where are you from?”

I’ll tell you where I’m from
If that’ll get me the 54 cents you owe me on the dollar

“your credentials are impressive”
yes the color of my skin did pay for my ivy league education

mientras mi gente lloran
meanwhile my people cry

In intellectual circles

I learned that only power is power

Appreciation leads to appropriation

and sooner than later

we’re all eating quinoa

not asking

“where is this really from”


by: KD Segura